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Security Officer

In most instances, companies who employ security officers have a poor perception of the security industry in Indonesia. Officers are often underpaid, overworked, have little or no training. They mostly consist of retired military personnel, drop outs or part-time students with little or no skills to improve their welfare.

FSI overcomes these perceptions by providing its staff with benefits and guaranteed future as a professional security worker. Part of this approach begins with training and education on the principles of becoming a security professional. This path is not easy as the training regime mandatory for all uniformed employees is based upon identifying the top 2 to 5% of all security professionals in the market place.

Our employee force is generally younger than the industry standard but this is seen as an advantage to most current security situations and the requirements of our clients.

We also provide a career path for our security staff to become managers with the appropriate training and determination of all concerned. FSI is also unique in the security industry in that we give health care benefits for all of our employees and even education scholarships for their children.

All our Security Officers are highly trained, highly intelligent, physically adept and upholds the FSI code of conduct at all times. They provide first class security by protecting a client’s property, assets and/or life and are always ready to deter illegal acts.

Who benefits from this FSI approach? Ultimately the client. We believe the client has the right to proper asset protection in line with the fees paid. Our client’s expenses go directly in to the pockets of the people providing the immediate and visible security: the security officers at the field.

FSI Security Officers Services:

  • Static and mobile staffing of posts
  • Management & supervision of all security officers
  • Re-engineering/transition of security officers
  • Remote site security officer management
  • Quality control through our Internal Affairs division
  • Supervision patrols
  • Logistical support
  • Emergency training
  • Support from our Surveillance & Detection Team