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Cash & Valuables Transit

Keeping your business’ cash and assets safe and secure is of paramount importance to FSI. To do this successfully and safely, you need high quality, durable and proven cash in transit and security products and people.

FSI supply security solutions for moving your cash and valuables and securely storing or banking on your behalf. We provide guaranteed reliable and cost effective services that are proven to work. Our expert cash and valuables in transit service is well established partnering with the experts in our industry to provide a overall best practice service.

We are Indonesian specialist service provider for secure discreet/covert point to point security banking, providing fully trained and accredited cash in transit staff, who are plain clothed armed/unarmed security officers in unmarked, armored or non-armored security vehicles.

We aim to offer low impact, low profile, same day banking and change cash collection services to your preferred banking facility in a professional and discreet manner. We will collect, deposit, process and deliver change to any business nationally or locally, big or small, with minimal interruption to your staff and your customers, all the while maintaining stringent verification of deposit processes to ensure your funds are traceable at any stage.

All our security operatives are carefully vetted, regularly trained and highly experienced in their field, affording you peace of mind that your cash and valuables in transit are completely secure.