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Chairman Messages


Chairman Messages

As one of Indonesia’s leading company striving to develop the latest when it comes to security, we have extensive experience in many high-risk industries, as well as a deep understanding of the country’s need for security both civilian and Corporate. With a team of competent and professional human resources, along side the latest in advanced operating systems, FSI continues to uphold and build it’s reputation as Indonesia’s most trusted security solution provider by working with integrity, innovation, quality service as well as mutual respect to our clients, our best for our organization & management for a better future.

My inspiration is trying to change the paradigm or general view that security is not only limited to physical security.

Security is a science that will always develop along with the times, along with crime that always develops in new ways. For this reason, I hope that security practitioners continue to learn to explore knowledge that crime is always waiting for when they are able to take advantage and be an opportunity for them to do things we do not want to expect to happen. Security will always be wherever and whenever at every opportunity; Security will never be careless even fall asleep even for a moment.

We are Consulting Risk Management, a structured approach in managing uncertainty related to threats. This including Risk assessment, developing strategies to manage it and mitigating risks using empowerment and resource management. We are also consulting Risk Analysis to identifiying and analyzing potential future, Risk Tollerance, Risk Parameter and Risk Concept.  

As a Chairman and a founder of FSI, it is my dream to see the company that was founded in 2007 further grow and becoming Indonesia’s most trusted security solution provider.

“Security is more than what you can think of and beyond your imagination “

Drs. Darly Siregar, M.Si, ICPS, CATS, CCPS, MCCI, CSCSS, CPPM
President Director