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PT. First Security Services Indonesia has come a long way as a company since our modest start in 2007. We started with two employees in a one room office and today we are comprised of many dedicated people in our offices across Indonesia.

Our team prides itself in providing professional security service to a wide variety of commercial and residential properties and companies including oil and gas, mining, forestry airlines, banks, manufacturers, national retail stores, shopping centers, construction sites, gated communities, luxury residential high rise buildings, factories, special events and more.


Security First! No Compromise


To become the most trusted and ONE STOP Integrated Security Solution in Indonesia.

  • Deliver cost-effective, Integrated Security Solutions to our clients, ensuring uninterrupted business operations without compromising quality.
  • Ensure the highest standards of professional service quality through the deployment of well-trained, experienced, and highly motivated personnel.
  • Foster optimal Operational Readiness within our team by providing essential tools, equipment, and comprehensive technical support.
  • Cultivate strong, collaborative partnerships with our clients and their respective stakeholders.
  • Implement continuous self-improvement initiatives to sustain efficiency and competitiveness.


As a service-oriented entity, our primary objective is to ensure client satisfaction and build trust. We accomplish this mission by consistently delivering top-notch service in every security solution we offer.

The security service industry is constantly evolving, demanding adaptability. To remain at the forefront, we are dedicated to ceaselessly pioneering innovations that enhance the effectiveness of our security solutions.

A profound comprehension of our clients’ needs fosters satisfaction and trust, while recognizing and valuing employee performance ignites loyalty and propels us towards greater success.

Our security solutions are founded upon unwavering principles of honesty and integrity. In the pursuit of truth, we have never, and will never, compromise our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.