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Training Certification

FSI is the only institution that holds a license to provide certified security training and security risk management international. FSI collaborates with GlobalE2C which is based in Singapore and is accredited by the Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies (ASIRS) which is licensed by the Accounting and Corporate Regulation Authority (ACRA). In addition, FSI is also a Service Center of TAPA Asia Pacific (Transported Asset Protection Association). The instructors in this training and education are security risk management practitioners from within and outside the country who have Experienced working in multinational companies in various countries. The International Certification Training and Education that we provide are:

• Certificate in Crime Prevention Studies (CCPS)
• Certificate in Supply Chain Security Studies (CSCSS)
• Certificate in Corporate Security Management Studies (CCSMS)
• Certificate in Anti & Counter Terrorism Studies (CATS)

Our Training and Education program is the perfect way to acquire vocational competencies and practical knowledge and skills in the field of security. The program offers a comprehensive set of modules.

We provide relevant and appropriate security training courses, support and resources to people and organisations working in hostile or challenging environments.

FSI is currently the secretariat for Transported Asset Protection Association Asia Pacific (TAPA Asia Pacific) and Chartered International Institute of Security And Crisis Management (CIISCM) Indonesian Chapter.


  • Basic Security Training
  • Intermediate and Advanced Security Training
  • Academic and Community Training
  • Tactical Strategic Squad Training
  • Close Protection Training
  • Intelligence and Investigation Technique Training
  • K-9 Handler Training
  • International Security Certification

This national certification training and education is carried out in collaboration with the association of crime prevention practitioners, namely IACPP (International Association of Crime Prevention Practitioners). The instructors in this training and education are security practitioners who are members of IACPP and have experience in various large companies, both state-owned and private companies.