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Security Event


FSI VIP and Event Solutions is a valuable addition to our comprehensive portfolio and allows us to ensure superior quality service – something we are passionate about. With many years of knowledge and experience behind them, our FSI VIP and Events management team is worthy of entrusting your event or personal security to giving you that all important peace of mind.

Whatever the size or associated risk of the gathering, your event is important to us. We can provide a team of dedicated and motivated events professionals, trained to maintain a safe, secure environment for you, your guests, visitors and the general public. We are experienced in a multitude of events, whether a big sporting event, exhibition, festival, concert or conference we specialist in providing superior, secure service. Our event solutions are customer focused, designed around the environment type and surrounding environment, we tailor our service to fit your needs.

Our Operatives are personally selected and tailored to the exact requirements of our clients. Teams can be discreetly deployed and fit into any event or occasion. Alternatively, they can have more of a presence where required.
We provide both experienced male and female trained Close Protection Officers with military, police and civilian backgrounds. All of which have extensive experience from within the security industry.


  • Close Protection Services
  • Meet and Greet
  • Executive Protection Services
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Asset Protection and Escort Services
  • Personal Escort Services
  • Court Escort Services
  • VIP Protection
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Advanced Security Drivers