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Cyber Security Services

Organisations and governments maintain thousands of security, network and users devices which produce vast amounts of data. The challenge we face today is how to rapidly derive intelligence from that data, in real-time, to detect and prevent threats.

Our cyber security services will help you, in real-time, contextualize every relevant internal event with external intelligence, providing a rich picture of what is happening, whether what is happening is normal, and where trained analysts can look to identify, prevent, stop, and respond to threats.

Our cyber security solution will allow you to:

  • Enhance your situational awareness and reduce risk by bringing together multiple data sources.
  • Determine immediately which systems may be under threat using our behavior analytics capability.
  • Classify threats and determine how serious the particular attack may be with our integrated cyber case and incident management system.
  • Spot threats, respond quickly and demonstrate compliance with our visual dashboards.
  • Detection and respond faster to risks, threats and vulnerabilities thanks to world class visualization and analytic techniques on a single screen.