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Tactical Strategic Squad

FSI Tactical Strategic Squad provide clients with the tools to address these situations, as well as to prevent loss of life and assets when it is most crucial: before an adverse event occurs. Each member of is “ready to be deployed anytime, anywhere in any situation”. It is a tool that can be applied when needed, in a variety of locations and on-call around the clock. Our Tactical Strategic Squad also operates within legal frameworks, without sacrificing the quality of protection it provides.

Tactical Strategic Squad (TSS) Monitoring operations are conducted through the central monitoring dispatch office at FSI National Command Center, having as objective the efficient handling of all Emergency Response Services in case events related to the security of the objective. The dispatch uses modern voice / data communication equipment and coordinates the Security Emergency Response Team.

FSI Tactical Strategic Squad Services:

  • Crowd control
  • Armed response
  • Apprehension of violent offenders
  • Labor dispute negotiation support
  • Access control
  • Valuable and cash transit protection
  • Company regulation enforcement
  • Hazardous material protection
  • Illegal detention retrieval
  • Support from the FSI K-9 Squad
  • Vehicle control