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K9 Service

Canines are becoming one of the fastest growing tools in the security industry. Where a security officer may be limited by their sense of vision, a guard and detection dog can detect, locate and indicate an intruder or potential threat.

All the dogs that form our K-9 Squad are entirely owned by FSI.

All FSI dogs receive regular training  done in our own camp in Bogor, West Java, under the supervision of internationally certified trainers and undergo continuous ongoing assessment with their handlers. We ensure that the dogs are living under healthy and happy conditions, providing them with the best food, health care and breed them to our specific operational needs.

The K-9 team in our K-9 Squad develops close working relationships from guarding, training and living together. They complement each other with their senses the handler: vision and brain, the dog: smell and hearing. This result in a formidable team, thus enabling them to perform their mission more effectively and in many cases with significant saving of manpower, time and money.

A well trained dog with its superior senses and agility can conduct a significantly more effective search and detection of any area in far shorter time than almost any number of people. The most important purpose of the K-9 teams is to function as an effective psychological deterrence against crime.

FSI K-9 Squad Services:

  • Multi-purpose Patrol (Mobile/Walking) Dogs
  • Explosive Detector Dog (EDD)
  • Support for FSI Tactical Strategic Squad
  • Security Protection for VIP, Funds, etc
  • Narcotic Detector Dog (NDD)
  • Riot and Crowd Control
  • Support for FSI Security Officer