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Dogs have rapidly emerged as invaluable assets within the security industry. While human security guards may have limitations in terms of vision and smell, dogs excel in effectively detecting and signaling the presence of intruders, potential threats, and disturbances caused by unwanted individuals or objects.

At FSI, our K-9 squad is comprised of dogs that are not only fully owned but also meticulously trained by our expert team. These canines undergo regular training sessions conducted in our specialized facility located in Bogor, West Java. Our training programs are supervised by internationally certified trainers and include a stringent evaluation process to ensure the highest standards of performance.

We are dedicated to maintaining the well-being of our K-9-unit members, offering them a stress-free and healthy environment. This commitment is reflected in the quality of their nutrition and healthcare, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our operations.


  • Area Control
  • Crowd Control
  • Narcotics Detection Dogs (NDD)
  • Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)
  • Security Protection for VIPs